Financial Literacy - (Sika Nkommo Initiative)

Sika Nkommo is an Akan translation of the concept of ‘conversations about money’

The Sika Nkommo Initiative is non-for-profit activity to educate the public, especially the informal sector and financially excluded, in personal finance and business growth.

We offer business support and coaching to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs

We use both face-to-face and media channels to reach the target

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Investment Advisory

Our consultants have advised and facilitated debt and equity financing in excess of US$25 million in debt and equity for businesses

We provide your business the assistance to enable to you attract the appropriate financing to grow or sustain your business

Retirement Planning & Pensions Consultancy

Retirement Planning

M-DoZ conducts retirement planning sessions for corporate organisations and other informal sector groups.

Pensions Consultancy

A pension scheme gives optimum benefits if it is well managed.  We provide pension scheme consultancy services to make your schemes compliant and poised for optimum performance

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M-DoZ Investment & Retirement Club - Sika Nkommo Initiative

This is an aspect of the Sika Nkommo initiative that gives the informal sector and the financially excluded, the opportunity to contribute to their pension

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Media Strategy & Production

We develop media content for developmental purposes.

We have produced over 200 audio and video content in local languages to support adult literacy campaigns

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