Financial Inclusion & Business Growth Initiative

We improve the lives of the informal sector population through financial inclusion and business capacity building.

The M-DoZ financial inclusion initiative is made of the Financial Literacy (Sika Nkommo) Project and the Sika Nkommo Club.

Financial literacy (Sika Nkommo) Project.

We combine technical financial knowledge, face-to-face adult learning techniques and media expertise to execute our financial literacy campaigns.

We have partnered with other institutions to reach over 3,000 people in face-to-face sessions, and produced over 60 radio about 20 video episodes of financial literacy materials  in Akan for broadcast.

M-DoZ Investment & Retirement Club (Sika Nkommo Club)

We enroll patrons into the Sika Nkommo Club and urge them to contribute to their pensions with service providers who are partners of the literacy project.

Business Capacity Building

We have partnered with developmental agencies and other institutions to develop the capacity of the informal sector to improve ways of doing business to enhance their earning capacity.