Financial Literacy MSMEs

Financial Literacy Gaps killing Businesses in Ghana’s MSME sector

Like any other living entity, every business requires a lifeline for growth and sustainability. Financial literacy skills are one of such basic lifelines that support business growth from birth, through the different stages to maturity, and sustainability. It is a relevant skill to possess in managing the finances of your business irrespective of the size […]

Contribution of infrastructure development to Ghana’s Economic Growth

Sustainable infrastructure development in the medium- and long-term remains one of the major considerations which attract foreign investors and foreign direct investment (FDI) to economies across the globe. It assures sustainable poverty reduction and propels economic growth in developing and emerging economies, including Ghana. This provides a succinct justification for the Government of Ghana’s resolve to […]

Retirement Planning; Keep your eyes on the Road

An Akan proverb says, ‘if you keep an eye on the meal, you would get your share’.  These were the times when the children in neighbourhood and siblings used to regularly share a common meal from the same plate.  Your ‘survival’ depended on your active participation in the meal.  This is so with retirement planning and [...]

Retirement Planning; There is Risk Everywhere

Our elders have advised us not to put all our eggs in one basket.  This is a formidable fundamental principle in investment management.  Every investment portfolio manager worth his/her salt practices this principle. They invest in different instruments so as to avoid the full possibility of losses (risk) associated with the various instruments they invest […]

Harnessing the Social & economic benefits of children helping on cocoa farms

Society generally tags incidences of children helping on cocoa farms as “cocoa child labour”. A practice that is cruel, but rampant in cocoa. Several interventions on a global scale aim to reduce and eventually eradicate the practice. Notwithstanding, in another article I discussed reasons that show that not all incidences of children on cocoa farms are child […]

M-DoZ Financial literacy

Retirement Planning; Why Awareness is a MUST

As with every year, people will get new jobs, marry (or remarry), graduate from school, give birth, get promotions from work place, change jobs and retire.  Every day of the year would be a retirement day for somebody.  It is very common in my field of work to see individuals who simply did little or […]

Make better financial decisions in 2020; here is a guide

Western societies tend to teach young people to first develop a financial mindset focused on student debt, followed by paying off that debt, followed by taking out a mortgage and sorting out tax returns… Overall, we are all pretty hard done by in terms of making smarter financial decisions. Thus, gaining good advice is indispensable […]

When Cocoa “Child Labour” in Ghana is NOT child labour

Child labour concerns dominate cocoa farming issues in Ghana. Do we have a situation of hyped deliberations, and are all allegations on the subject substantively for real? This article delves into the matter. Perhaps in some instances, the perception of prevalence of child labour on cocoa farms in Ghana may not be child labour. It […]